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Kenya Adventure Safari

Kenya Adventure Safari: In the arena of adventure, Kenya stands tall. High-octane sporting activities range from skydiving to rhino tracking; and from camel racing to mountain climbing. And that’s before you trawl through the opportunities for big game fishing, deep sea diving, high altitude running, high-speed rallying or lava cave exploration.

Kenya:  Land of Adventure

Kenya Adventure Safari: Kenya has long been known as an adventurer’s paradise. This is a land of endless opportunity for the active traveller, a country rich with possibilities for adventure and discovery.

In the arena of adventure Safari, Kenya stands tall. High-octane sporting activities range from skydiving to rhino tracking; and from camel racing to mountain climbing. And that’s before you trawl through the opportunities for big game fishing, deep sea diving, high altitude running, high-speed rallying or lava cave exploration.
For those aiming high, Mount Kenya provides the ultimate challenge. At 5,199 metres, this extinct volcano is Africa’s second highest mountain. Straddling the equator, topped in snow and ice, gouged by glaciers, and cloaked in elephant patrolled forests, this iconic mountain promises one of the most challenging technical climbs in Africa; but its lower peaks can be conquered by anyone in reasonable health thanks to the wealth of qualified guides available.
For the trekker, there are guided walks across the shimmering reaches of the savannah, or hikes through the waterfalls and forests of the Aberdares range. On the Uganda border, there’s the challenge of enigmatic Mount Elgon, world-famous for its salt-mining elephants.
And for the truly intrepid there are the cloud forests and lakes of magical Mount Marsabit, a remote montane paradise located in the burning reaches of Kenya’s rugged northern region.
For those preferring a gentler walk, there are the nature trails of Saiwa Swamp, home of the elusive sitatunga, or the winding canyons of Hell’s Gate National Park. And in the centre of Nairobi, there’s Nairobi National Park with its magnificent safari walk, a gentle boardwalk that skims high above the park showcasing wildlife and ecological habitats alike.
Down on the Indian Ocean coastline, meanwhile, lies the enchanted realm of the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, sanctuary of the golden-rumped elephant shrew, and an ornithologist’s wonderland.
World-famous for the magnificence of her runners, Kenya is also the venue of choice for those who’d like to train alongside the greats. Travel to the little town of Iten in Northern Kenya, and you’ll find yourself running alongside some of the best-known names in longdistance running. Alternatively, you can run alongside some very famous faces through the wildlife and the wilderness of Lewa during the annual Safaricom marathon.
Alternatively, you can relax on the beach, take on the personal challenge of the golf course, fly around the peaks of Mount Kenya in a helicopter, or explore the coral gardens of the Indian Ocean equipped only with a mask and snorkel. Because, rising from silver beaches to Alpine peaks, Kenya has an unrivalled ecological diversity.
And as the longest established safari venue in the world, she brings literally decades of experience to the creation of sporting challenges and magical moments alike.
Come to Kenya… and encounter the magic.

Kenya Adventure Safaris

Kenya Treking Safari

Category: Kenya Adventure Safari

For the Trekker, Kenya is a world of highs and lows – From the snowcapped peak of Mt Kenya to the desert plains of the north. There are a range of treks from sedate hill walks through game rich ranges to high altitude routes on alpine slopes.

For those aiming higher, Kenya offers plenty of challenges. Climbers may be aware of the mighty peak of Mt Kenya, but there are many other climbing areas to be explored. There is a broad scope of destinations, from granite cliffs and volcanic rock towers to the ultimate challenge- a technical assault on Africa’s second highest summit.

Kenya Off Road Mountain Bike Safari

Category: Kenya Adventure Safari

Kenya has some excellent potential areas for off road mountain biking. As the popularity of the sport increases, more and more mountain bikes are now for hire, and there is plenty of undiscovered country for bush biking.

Kenya Horse Back Safari

Category: Kenya Adventure Safari

Kenya is home to a very active equestrian community, and horses are a great way to explore wilderness areas. Riding through herds of game is an ideal way to experience the wild up close and personal.

Kenya Camel Safari

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Looking for a more unusual mode of transport? The North of Kenya has a thriving camel culture, and the camel is used by many nomadic tribes. These deserts and wide arid plain lands have long been crossed by camel trains, following ancient routes through deep valleys and along winding dry river beds. Large herds of dromedary (single humped) camels are found throughout the North.

A safari by camel is a unique way to see this country.

Kenya Walking Safari

Category: Kenya Adventure Safari

The trackless deserts and high ranges of the Northern frontier are beautiful and remote places, completely isolated from the modern world. Walking through this wilderness with a camel train, camping in the wild and sleeping under the stars, you can travel through an Africa unchanged since the passage of the first explorers.

Kenya Big Game Fishing Safari

Category: Kenya Adventure Safari

Far from the northern deserts, the waters of the Indian Ocean are an adventurers playground. The coast of Kenya has a well deserved reputation for big game fishing and has attracted fishing devotees such as Ernest Hemingway, drawn by the promise of world-class fishing. Local tag and release programs ensure eco-friendly fishing.

Kenya Extreme Water Sports Safari

Category: Kenya Adventure Safari

These waters have a long been a traditional passage for sailors and today dhows still ply the calm waters of the coastline. The coast is an ideal place to explore by boat, and the beaches are ideal for all kinds of watersports. Inland, the beautiful, bird rich freshwater lakes of the Rift Valley are also ideal for boating, waterskiing and windsurfing.

Kenya White Water Rafting Satari

The inland Lakes and rivers of Kenya also present plenty of opportunity for world class fishing, from Trout to the mighty Nile Perch. White water rafting and kayaking are relatively new sports in Kenya. However, with extensive and spectacular river systems, good grade white water and wide freshwater lakes, the possibilities are boundless.

Come to Kenya and begin your own great adventure story.

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